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About Land Local Leads

Who We Are

Welcome to Land Local Leads, where professionalism meets personal connection with a local touch. Our mission is to streamline operations for local service businesses and strengthen connections within your community. At Land Local Leads, we turn your local business challenges into opportunities, ensuring every interaction leads to growth and success. Get to know those of us dedicated to making your business a local powerhouse.

Our Story

Land Local Leads started because we saw many local businesses struggling to keep up with digital marketing. Our founder, Joe Fernette, knew there was a better way. With a heart for the community and a knack for digital strategies, Land Local Leads was born to bridge the gap between traditional services and modern marketing.

Our Mission

When summarizing our mission, we often say, “We make local businesses thrive by connecting them seamlessly with their communities.” Imagine if handling your marketing was as simple as turning a key. That’s what we do. We’re committed to helping our community’s businesses succeed in the digital age.

What We Do

Comprehensive Marketing Services

and plans to connect it all and make it effortless

Pro Website Development

Local SEO

Google Business Profile Updates

Social Media Posts

SMART Communication

Easy Payments

Paid Ads

and More...

Why Choose Us?

Your Local Partner For Everything Business

Your Digital Partner

Land Local Leads isn’t just a marketing company—we’re your partner in growth. We handle all your digital marketing needs, from website development to advertising, so you can focus on running your business. Our goal isn't to just deliver results like more clients, higher revenue, and smoother operations, but to make it easy and fun for you to manage.

Complete Marketing System

Simply getting one piece of the system (i.e. just a website, just social media, just etc...) leaves so much profit on the table. Let us take care of it all.

Easily Track Success

With monthly reports telling you exactly where clients are coming from, you'll know what's working.

The Team

Joe Fernette

Chief Streamliner and Connection Maker

Joe Fernette is the dynamic leader of Land Local Leads, where his unique blend of strategic insight and community engagement comes from a rich background that spans the Marine Corps, graduating from the University of Michigan, and hands-on experience in the trades. Joe also founded Midland Local, a key platform for connecting businesses with the Mid-Michigan community. Committed to boosting business visibility and efficiency since 2016, Joe's life as a married father also fuels his passion for community service and entrepreneurial success.

Trudy Fernette

Local Connector

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Kenji Magto

Head Developer

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Project Manager

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Our Values

Integrity, Innovation, and Impact guide everything we do. We believe in building trust through transparent practices, exploring new avenues for client success, and delivering impactful results that help our clients grow.

Efficiency Always

We prioritize operational efficiency in all our strategies, ensuring our clients spend less time on marketing and more time on their business.

Community Trust

We focus on strategies that build trust and authenticity, making our clients the preferred choice in their local markets.

Client-Focused Innovation

We continuously refine our services based on client feedback to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.


Our success is measured by the tangible improvements in our clients’ business operations and growth.

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with each client to understand their unique needs and tailor our services to maximize time savings and community impact.

You won't want to go back to the old way...

Land Local Leads replaces traditional web designers and marketing agencies with a complete done-for-you service, generating high-quality local leads from a customized home service business plan that will astonish you.

We would highly recommend his services to any business!


Client-Centric Approach:

We tailor every strategy to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Local Expertise:

Deep understanding of the Mid-Michigan market allows us to create strategies that resonate locally.

Proven Success:

Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous local businesses achieving their growth targets through our efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Us

We’re local just like you and want to answer all of your local operations and local connection questions.

Yes and no.

Yes, Land Local Leads is both a marketing company and much more. We offer traditional marketing services, but our primary goal is to redefine how local home service businesses operate. We focus on streamlining operations through advanced automations and software solutions, providing comprehensive “done for you” services that enhance business processes. Additionally, we strengthen community connections by increasing visibility and supporting local initiatives in fun and impactful ways. Our approach is about creating lasting, effective partnerships rather than just fulfilling typical marketing functions.

Yes, while we specialize in the Mid-Michigan area, our strategies and tools can be applied to help home service businesses in other regions as well.

Contact us through our website or call us to discuss your needs and how we can tailor our services to help your business thrive.